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• 5/21/2013

Admin/Mod Application

Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this wiki for a while now (as I was brought by RamonEstevez after seeing the commotion on the creepypasta wiki) and I strongly believe it has potential, especially given the range of freedom it offers as opposed to the of the current rules over on the creepypasta wiki. If I become an Admin/Mod I can assure you I will bring quite a few people with me to expand the wiki. I will also be firm but fair when it comes to the rules and I will follow them as so.

The creation of this wiki was a brilliant idea and I hope to be able to contribute in more ways than just writing.


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• 5/21/2013

I like your attitude and you seem up for the job. We're in need of mods and admins right now. I feel you're up for it, so you're on trial for the next 2 weeks, as all new mods/admins shall be from now on. If I see something that I don't like in terms of your behaviour or something, I will downgrade you to just a chat mod, until I feel you can try again for admin status...but that most likely won't be neccessary. I'm sure we'll have no problems and you'll be a full time admin by the end of the two weeks. I also like how you said you'd participate in expanding the of the top things we're looking for!

~By the time you read this you should have admin status, if there are any issues or something isn't working please leave a message here or on my talk page!

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