Article Listing

Once you've added a gamepasta to the wiki, please head over to the Article Listing on the front page, and add it in there! Please add your gamepasta under the letter/number your gamepasta begins with. There are currently no punishments (bans) for not adding it in, but it does make things easier for everyone to find your pasta. You want it to be easy to find so people can read it, don't you?

When you join the wiki, I'll try and put a message on your wall to remind you. Ideally, we want it added to the article listing within the day, but if that isn't possible, me or another admin can add it for you when we find it, but there are no guarentees right now. The wiki has just been set up and it's difficult to keep track of everything that's going on, as you'd imagine!

Soon, I will link a video tutorial on the front page so you can understand how to add it to the article listing if you do not already know how. Any further queries? Contact me or another admin via talk page. You can also contact me via, the address is also linked on the front page, and my talk page.

Thanks for reading,