Ok, so, I have two cousins named Kaden and Ethan. Kaden has a phone but Ethan doesn't, and so they have two friends names Garrett and Hayes. Garett and Hayes had both gotten an ipad for Christmas 2013. We asked them if they had minecraft and they said yes, so normally I played multiplayer with Hayes with my ipod and Kaden and Garrett played xbox, while Ethan watched them. Then Ethan asked Kaden if he could play with us on his phone, and he said yes. So we built a house... then Kaden asks for his phone back and Ethan gave it back. Kaden and Garrett joined us and started jacking up our stuff, then Kaden got off but Garrett stayed and he said he promised to not jack up our stuff anymore so we lived a happy minecraft life... until the chat room said "HEROBRINE joined the server" then it said "HEROBRINE disconnected from the server". We freaked out and told Kaden. He stopped what he was doing and watched Garrett's ipad. (My user is awesomeguy714, Garett"s is grat and Hayes's is h). So Herobrine joined back and started asking for supplies and we gave them to him and he took grat hostage just incase. I went and looked at grat's ipad and he refused so Kaden took it from him and showed me. It was an underground bunker. He said Herobrine told me to not show y'all and so now the chats made sense because Herobrine said "Do not show them". I kept on playing and suddenly the chat room said "grat: I showed them the bunker". I started freaking out and Herobrine said " I will kill you all starting with you". He came to me and H'S house and starting attaking us and we killed him and took his stuff. (all the things you heard about herobrine is not true except he hates gold... he doesn't have white eyes and he does hack but he cant kill you in 1 punch).